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What Clients Are Saying
"Micki has zero drama, zero issues, zero roller coaster, she is independent and experienced. No contest as to what Realtor I recommend."
Cindy Jepson
"I can only imagine, as a Realtor, that you see dreams broken and remade, all the people that you are in daily contact with...I am so happy that you have been a part of the re-making of my dreams."
J. Parker
"Serendipity that we met our agent, Micki, at an Open House! Super professional, friendly, and put us at ease as she guided us through the buying of our beautiful new home"
Allison Fiore

We saw about 25 homes before we found this one. All during that year when we were trying to move from DC to the Pioneer Valley, Micki (Sanderson) never forgot about us with great communication via email, texting and phone and was always available to show us homes even with short notice. She was so valuable in helping us understand the different communities and the fact that she had raised three children here helped tremendously as we have four of our own.


September 30, 2015

Home Buyer

Carrie Connor