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Emily and I were referred to Micki by a family friend. We were living in North Carolina but planned on moving to Western Mass at the end of the summer. From the beginning, Micki was thorough, efficient and most of all, helpful. Being located far away during the process, we relied heavily on trusting Micki with determining where to buy and she delivered. She understood our needs (and wants) and l

Emily Dwyer and Kelly Poulin


That’s Micki Sanderson to a tee! She knows her business and handles it like a true pro. She’s always prepared to answer questions about properties on the market and those that fit your druthers. But her most important quality for us was her unfailing persistence. Being new to the area we wanted to get a general overview of area before seriously searching for a home that seemed right for us. That required a good deal of Micki’s time showing properties all over this region. We spent several months viewing listed properties before locating the right one for us. She was indefatigable and always happy to make another trip. She is definitely the most persistent agent you could find and knows a thing or two as well. You can’t find a better agent anywhere.


Gary Brooks, Easthampton MA

Gary Brooks